Shaking hands and kissing babies can be an amazing method to build prospects, appointments and customers – if done well.

One of my favorite – and easiest – tips I teach companies and individuals in my Business Networking Master Class takes just 2 seconds – and can change your results IMMEDIATLEY.

Here it is: Take off that name tag!

I know, for the past 523 years, trainers have been telling you to wear that name tag to show everyone who you are and what you do. Be proud – but let me explain:

People make snap judgements and assumptions VERY quickly. This can create missed opportunities. Why?

  • When people see your name tag, and your line of work, they immediately start making assumptions about who you are, what you do and how you do it. In fact, if they have had a bad experience with someone in your industry, they may never talk to you at all.
  • They may assume they know everything about what you do
  • If you are in an industry they don’t think they need – they may never talk with you

You don’t want people making assumptions about who you are, and what you do, BEFORE they even meet you. You want them to ask what you do…and with a smile and handshake, you can enlighten them with all of the magical things you have helped people with – made their lives and business better.

We want them to see your personality – people buy people. We want them to connect with you, ask “How do you do THAT!?”

Also, if they have to ask what you do, I find that you have more of their attention and focus. That’s your golden opportunity to WOW them and create new opportunities.

TRY IT! It won’t kill you. You can keep the name tag in your pocket in case of emergency – but not wearing could help Rock Your Business!