• Accept that if you are not where you want to be – it’s your fault.

  • Know that you can change and fix #1 – and do it NOW!

  • It’s ALWAYS about the people – and relationships

  • It’s not the revenues you make – it’s the PROFITS YOU KEEP that determines success

  • Fix any underlying issues (staffing, work ethic, etc..) that may be holding you back

  • Hire slow and fire fast

  • Stay focused – don’t get distracted by shiny objects

  • Realize you don’t have to build a business alone – and get help ASAP

  • If you aren’t upsetting people with stuff you are doing – then you probably aren’t doing anything

  • Start using video marketing – only 320 Million people a month watch HOW TO videos

  • Become a follow-up ninja – follow up is the inception of opportunity

  • Automate as much as possible – then you can do what you need (and like) to do

  • See what your competition is doing and don’t do it.

  • Innovate – always look at solving old problems in a new way

  • Execute – innovation without execution is worthless

  • People are looking for creative, innovative solutions more than ever – right now!

  • Always be open to new knowledge

  • Understand that only APPLIED knowledge makes you more successful

  • People are not numbers or prospects – they have emotions, families, issues, etc…

  • You will have bad days – get over it – and go crush it the next day!


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