In this episode, I share my ideas and strategy on how to successfully Prospect to Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, so that you can grow your business quickly.

Every company wants to target business owners and Entrepreneurs to sell their products and services – and why not, they have many needs and disposable income. The million dollar question is:

“where do you find them and how do you grab their attention?”

First, let’s get YOUR head straight on business owners and entrepreneurs. They are not “targets”, “prospects” or “statistics” – they’re PEOPLE – humans with emotions, families, thoughts and concerns. Their focus is building their companies, enjoying time with their families (wishing it were more) and exit strategies to enjoy the fruits of their enormous sacrifice and labor. They wake up every day with a lists of tasks to concur – and tight schedules.
What you don’t see in the description above “like (or the time) to be sold stuff”. In fact, I find it annoying as hell when approached by an attacking sales person. I instantly close down and walk the other way. Treat them as PEOPLE, respect their schedules and you will at least get a sliver of focus.

Attract them TO you…

Business owners ARE always looking for ways to improve, organize, cut costs and increase revenues. They look at technologies and innovative ways to solve new and old problems. Get what I just said – INNOVATIVE ways to solve OLD problems.
Every company has the same issues, employees, sales, conversion, cash flow, growth – what does your company do to help solve one of these pains? Moreover, what cool, new, INNOVATIVE way do you solve these problems? How do you do it differently than everyone else – in less time – more efficiently – with lower costs – or higher returns? If these differences don’t come across in less than 10 seconds – you are forgotten…to many things to do – so little time.


Every week I like to give you something that you can use in your business today to be successful.



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Moths to a light

The difference in your company and everyone else needs to be GLARINGLY obvious. In your marketing, in your website, the way you walk and talk – and the knowledge you spread across the internet.
Business owners spend time watching videos, reading blogs and tapping feeds. They follow influential people gleaning from their expertise – and putting into action.

Are you providing such knowledge?

Can they find, read your blog, or even better, watch your videos (my preferred choice) to learn how to do something bigger, faster, stronger?
Share your knowledge, give away some of the cow. Gasp! I can’t do that right? Yes, you can for business owners are BUSY. If you give them some insight, show them some of your tips and tricks, they will HIRE YOU to do it FOR THEM. They don’t have the time or desire to do what you do; they just want it done. So give away some of your secrets, show them what you know, provide case studies and success stories and you will draw them in like moths to a light.

Did you get some value?

I hope so, because each week I really try to make sure you get some amazing ideas and strategies to Rock Your Business.ryb web steve

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